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Saturday Mornings Club Ride

Our Saturday rides are social and non drop, we always ride at the pace of the slowest rider. We try to have enough different groups to cater for all fitness levels. Where numbers and pace allows, we split into up to three different groups;

Saturday Shorty – a shorter ride than the main ride, riding out to the same cafe where possible. The pace of this ride is 13-16 mph. Some use this ride to build their fitness to progress into the Inters group, others prefer a shorter ride on a Saturday morning.

Inters – a 50 to 60 mile ride at up to 16 mph. This is the group that generally has the largest numbers so we may split into two or more groups to make it more manageable. A great way for people to get used to riding in a bunch over longer distances than they are used to.

Advanced Inters – for riders who are comfortable riding at a slightly faster pace than the Inters. This group tends to follow the same route as the Inters but at up to 18mph. This group tends to be first to leave Bingham Square so it can give people the opportunity to drop back to one of the other groups should they ‘not have the legs’ after a few miles.

Our usual meeting place for the Saturday Rides is Bingham Market Square (what3words ///blown.headset.clan) at 09:30 or 09:00 once the clocks change to BST.

Tuesday Evenings Club Ride

A 25/30 mile group ride during the Summer season. Starting from Bingham Market Square at 6.30pm (Subject to change). 

Members can create their own route and share on the Facebook group.
At the start riders must group themselves according to their own ability e.g. steady, inters, advanced or fast.

• STEADY – <14mph
• INTERMEDIATE – 14-16mph
• ADVANCED – 16-18mph
• FAST – 18+

As there are no ride leaders the group must be self-disciplined and ride within the constraints of each group.

Safety of individual members is the main priority.

Non-members are very welcome to come along to try the club out. You can just turn up or contact the club beforehand so that we can inform a participating member to expect you.

'The Friday Ladies' Women's Ride

Group of Ladies of mixed cycling abilities and ages. Non drop rides, we ride to the slowest paced rider with no pressure and plenty of support from your fellow cyclists to get you to the destination and back.

Excellent knowledge of cafe stops.

These are definitely Cycle, Chat and Coffee theme rides. The 30-40 mile routes change weekly with the aim that smaller groups of different speeds all meet at the same cafe.

Very easy way to make friends and ride safely together in the Vale.

Still unsure? Here are just a few testimonials from some of our female riders...

Other Rides

You can also expect to see the following unofficial but regular weekly rides:

Tuesday and Thursday Morning group rides – 16mph Average Pace

Thursday Evening group Curry & Pint ride. 18-20mph Average Pace

Sunday Steady Ride – sometimes off road depending on weather – 12-14mph Pace

Breeze rides (Women only) – Hosted by one of our Breeze champions, encouraging women into cycling.

Gravel Rides – Occasional evening and weekend organised rides.


Group Riding

Group riding can take a little practice and at first feel quite daunting, if it is your first time riding in a group then we would ask you to make that known to the group and they will be happy to help you.

We also recommend you check out this video which gives some great advice on what to expect.

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